Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Cold Shoulder

I'm going to start off this post by saying that I love this whole look. I'm all about keeping it cool and comfortable in the summer, while still looking pulled together. I also love this color combination. The burnt orange top and white shorts just looks good to me. Add a good top knot and I'm all set. My perfect summer outfit.

In love with these wedges. I feel like throwing on a pair of wedges dresses up the outfit while still be comfortable. A good pair of wedges are a must have for summer. You can wear them with anything.

Let's talk about this top. It's about a year old and I have to be honest, I've only worn it once. I just didn't know how to style it, but I think it looks perfect with white shorts. I'm also obsessed with the sleeves. Not sure if the cold shoulder sleeve is still in, but oh well. I love this top and the color is fab. BTW, I am wearing shorts. You can totally tell in this picture.

If you haven't already noticed, I'm a jewelry type of gal. To say I love jewelry is a little bit of an understatement. I don't feel like myself unless I'm wearing a massive amount of jewelry. But for this look, I wanted to keep it simple. I'm just wearing the bracelets that I never take off on my right wrist and a few gold bangles on my left. Keeping in theme with the simple look, I just added my Pandora stack rings. Ugh, I felt kind of naked. The simple jewelry look is not for me. But I tried.

Hope you all enjoyed this look and maybe got some ideas on how to style your white shorts for summer. Until next time.

What I'm wearing:
A Forever 21 top
White shorts from Wal-Mart
Wedges from Payless

Monday, July 29, 2013

Grass Greens and Summer Whites

Happy Monday! I'm here with a quick OOTD post for you. For me, this look screams summer. It's fresh, it's fun, and most importantly, it's comfortable.

What I'm wearing:
A tube top that was buried in my closet
A white skirt from a local clothing boutique
White Payless wedges
White beaded bracelets made by me

Hope you all have an amazing Monday! xoxo

Friday, July 26, 2013

OOTD: Denim Blues and Leopard Print

I'm excited about this OOTD because denim shirts have been my obsession lately. They literally go with anything and everything. I find myself wanting to wear this shirt everyday. When it comes to styling a denim shirt, the possibilities are endless. In other words, don't be surprised if you see this shirt again. Lets break this look down a little. I'm wearing a Forever 21 denim shirt, a skirt from a local boutique, leopard print shoes from Payless. I even tied the shirt at the waist to show a little skin. I love this look and it's just one way I'll be wearing my denim shirt this summer. How do you style your denim shirts? Thanks for reading and hope you are enjoying my blog. Xoxo

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

OOTD: Casual kind of day

Every once in a while a girls just gotta throw on a comfy tank top, shorts, and a pair of sneakers. She's gotta put her hair up in a messy bun and call it a day. Well for this OOTD, that's exactly what this girl did. I love days where I just throw something on and still manage to look cute. I think I achieved that with this look. There's really not much else to say. I wanted to keep it real with you guys and show you that not everyday is a full on glam look for me. And besides, I live in Texas. It's too hot to even breathe sometimes. I'm lucky if I even feel like getting dressed somedays. So I hope you guys enjoy this keeping it real OOTD. Let me know your go-to casual look.

What I'm wearing:
An extremely old tank top from Walmart (don't judge me), old jeans that I cut into shorts from who knows where, and my favorite gray Vans.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

OOTD: Pattern me Fancy

I hope you all had an amazing and relaxing weekend. Monday mornings kind of suck but I'm here to (hopefully) brighten up your day with a little OOTD action. This is an outfit I put together for a fun Saturday night. This outfit is perfect for those days when you need to be put together but still comfortable. Again, this look was created with long ago pieces from my closet. Oh how I love a fashionable outfit using things I already own! And I know you guys can do it too. You can soon look forward to a blog post explaining the method to my madness. I'll go over how I put together my outfits and hopefully help some of you along the way. But for now, here's some tips on how to recreate this look. Tip #1 I always start by picking out my bottoms. For this, I started with printed

jeans. In my opinion, this is the fastest way to look polished and casual in one flail swoop. Printed jeans are the grown up more sophisticated cousin of regular denim. In an instant you're comfortable and cute. Tip #2 Keep the print neutral. Fun colors are great, but for this look keep the colors muted. This way you looked more pulled together. Tip #3 Choose a top with a fancier feel. I chose a flowy (is that a word?) chiffon top with lace detail. By pairing this fancier top with denim, it tones it down a little. Doing this also dresses up the denim pants. See, I told you there was a method to my madness. Tip #4 For day, I suggest wearing sandals. I'm thinking something sexy like gladiator ones. Remember, we're keeping things neutral, but fashion is fun. You could totally add a pop of color with a fun shoe choice. If you're wearing this look at night, I suggest wearing a pump like I did. It makes the look a little more night appropriate. I hope you all enjoyed this OOTD and that my tips are helpful. Remember, there are really no rules so have fun with your fashion choices. Thanks for reading. Follow me on Instagram @thebudgetfashionista for more pictures. Xoxo

What I'm wearing: Top- Forever 21 Printed pants- Target Patent pumps- Payless Purse- Dooney and Burke

Saturday, July 20, 2013

OOTD: Black, White, and Chic all over

Hello, and welcome back to my blog. I hope you all enjoyed my first ootd post because I'm back with another. This time, I'm keeping things ultra chic. How am I doing that? Well, I'm playing with a black and white color palette today. I guess I should preface this by saying that I love black and white together. I think it looks so chic and classic. It basically does no wrong. Needless to say, I was so excited when I heard that black and white were in for spring and summer. It's so easy to make this color combo work for the warmer weather. And (here's the real kicker) you can create a chic looking ensemble with pieces you already own. In fact, everything that I'm wearing we're buried in my closet.  Need help pulling off this look? Don't worry, I have a few tips. Tip #1 Start this look with an item I think every woman should have in her closet: black pants. Tip #2 To keep things from looking too simple and boring, add a fun top. Maybe one with stripes (like mine) or one with a cool print. Tip #3 To make this outfit comfortable in this scorching weather, I wore my favorite sandals (more on those later) and a tube top. Tip #4 I also added a cardigan just in case I got a little cold (highly unlikely, but a girls gotta have options). Doing this also helps take the look from day to night. You can do the same with a cardigan or even a blazer. You can even swap out the sandals for some sexy pumps to up the wow factor. I'm obessed with this look and I hope you all like it too! Until next time.

What I'm wearing: A black cardigan from Target, a black and white striped tube top from God knows where a.k.a. extremely old, black pants from Hot Topic, and black Sam and Libby for Target shoes. I've been obsessed with these shoes to say the least. In love with the ankle strap.
Remember to follow me on Instagram @thebudgetfashionista for more pictures. Thanks for reading!

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