Friday, May 8, 2015

Pin-spiration Friday

It's Pin-spiration Friday! If you're new, this is where my obsession with Pinterest and my love for blooging meet. Here I share a few of my favorite pins from the past week and sometimes there's a theme. This week's theme is plants. Houseplants. Garden. Green. I'm obsessed. I plan to talk more about that next week, but for now you can follow my new instagram page dedicated to my plants here and you can always follow me on Pinterest here because I'm always pinning. Let's get started!

I love everything about this picture from the hanging planters to the plant itself. If you're wondering its a donkey's or burros tail and I recently added one to my little collection.

I have one word, OBSESSED. Okay I have a few more words, but I just love this. I have 3 snake plants in my collection, this photo makes me want even more!

This is literally my dream.

Succulents. Hot pink gravel. Enough said.

I have 4 jade plants so I'm a kind of biased but I love them. They're so easy and practically indestructible. Also this diy vase is amazing!

That's all for this plant themed Pin-spiration Friday. Are any of you guys as obsessed with plants as I am? I can't be the only one. 
Have a great weekend guys!

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