Monday, May 11, 2015

Are you a settler??

I'm somewhat of a settler. What I mean is that I settle. I settle with how things are and sometimes I don't expect them to get better. It's something that I'm working on because let's face it, it kind of sucks to be a settler. I mean settling is a bad thing, right? I'm so much a settler that I won't speak up even when I feel things aren't right. I'm talking in relationships and in my daily life. One example that comes to mind is the time I ordered a ring online. It was a ring that I really wanted so I was excited to get it. The ring is beautiful (I still have it) and I don't regret buying it. When it arrived at my house, the band of it had little indentations in the silver. It wasn't much, but looking back I was just satisfied with it not being the way I originally thought it was online. I could have (and I should have) just returned it and got another one, but because I'm just so much of a settler (not sure what else to call it) I just accepted the ring. Maybe not a good example but I think you get the gist. I'm not sure why I'm so comfortable with things the way they are, probably because I'm a little impatient. It's not a bad thing to be happy in good times as well as bad. I'm just saying that sometimes getting so comfortable with things when they're bad can lead you to never accept and expect things to be good. Or never even try to live the life you deserve simply because you're comfortable. Like I said, it's something I need to work on. I know that I'm worth so much more and that I (and you for that matter) should never settle. I don't care what is in life. Whether it be a ring you ordered online, a guy that you're not happy with, a job that you hate, or whatever. Settling just sounds so mediocre, and I don't want no mediocre.

What is something that you've settled on in life?

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