Wednesday, December 18, 2013

4 Holiday Lipsticks

I'm pretty sure all (or at least most of you) who read my blog know that I am obsessed with lipstick. It's really the only makeup that I wear, so I like to have fun with it. I especially love lipstick during the holidays because that's when red or bold lips really come out to play. Even though I rock a bold lip throughout the year, it's a little more festive now. During the holidays, you can wear any kind of lipstick you want. There's no rule that you have to wear red (even though I do). That's why I wanted to show you lipsticks that I'm loving for this time of year.

Milani Chilled Brandy: This lipstick is perfect for the holidays because it's a deep burgundy with subtle gold shimmer. It's the perfect pop of color, but it isn't too bold to wear on a day to day basis.

Milani Uptown Mauve: I love this shade because it's still a bold lip, but it isn't the classic red that everyone expects for the holidays. 

Revlon Red Velvet: I wore this shade all throughout the holidays last year, and I still love it. It's the perfect red shade, but it also has a hint of brown and burgundy. 

Maybelline stain gloss in Ruby Indulgence: For me, this is the perfect red for the holidays. I love the fact that this is a stain, so it's perfect for long parties where there's eating and drinking involved. 

That completes my roundup of holiday lipsticks. I think you can wear whatever lipstick you want during the holidays or for holiday parties, so just have fun with it. Thanks for reading!

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