Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekly Roundup

I'm going to start this roundup with a few little updates about the blog and life. I finally got my computer fixed so creating blog posts has become so much easier. I also have consistent internet access so things are looking better on that front as well. I also went to a zumba class on Monday and I'm still sore. It was fun despite the fact that it kicked my butt. As far as the blog goes, I posted 5 days this week which I love. I love having a new post up everyday so that is something that I hope to continue doing in the future. This roundup will have links so make sure to click in case you missed a post this week. As always, I will see you back here tomorrow for an all new post. 

Monday: shake it off a post about letting things go
Tuesday: dressed up weekend an outfit post wearing my favorite black pants
Wednesday: chic flats a quick roundup of a few pairs of flats that I've been loving lately
Thursday: pattern player my first time mixing prints
Friday: the cape... dress with a cape

Thanks for reading and be sure to catch up on all the posts that went up this week. Have a great Sunday!

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