Wednesday, August 7, 2013

one shoulder and pointy toes

Happy hump day! It's Wednesday which means I'm back with another blog post. This time it's another OOTD. Surprise, surprise. I'm once again obsessed with this look. I know, I throw that word around a lot, but I really love everything about this look. It's a little dressy, a little casual, but a little dressy at the same time. And I even did something different with my hair. Big things are happening here, so let's talk about it.

Love this shirt, even though this is probably the second time I've ever worn it. I'm crazy about the one shoulder and I love the print. It's kind of a dressy top, so by pairing it with skinny jeans, I brought it down a little. I love that trick. I loosely curled my hair and put it all to one side. I think it makes the outfit a little fancy. Or maybe it's just me. 

I'm wearing pointy toe flats which I adore. Again, I love mixing things that are a little more casual with things that aren't so much. I think these flats go perfectly with this whole look. I'm digging it.

My jewelry situation is kind of heavy on the bracelets. I love it. In case you didn't know, I love jewelry. Like I really love it. I could go on and on, but that's going to have to be a separate post. Anyway, for me to throw on a bunch of bracelets is like second nature. It's just what I do.

Here are a few more pics. I love them so much so I had to throw them in...

Thanks for checking out my blog. It means a lot. Until next time

What I'm wearing:
Forever 21 shirt
Jeans from a local boutique (my fave)
Payless shoes

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