Friday, August 16, 2013

girly lace

Happy Friday and welcome back to my blog. Today's outfit by far is my favorite one that I've posted. It truly embodies who I am and my personality. I think this outfit is girly and fun and so cute. I'm in love. Let's get the deets.

Besides black and white, another one of my fave color combos is white and coral. It screams summer and it just looks fresh and clean. One word, perfect. So putting together this look was easy. I knew I wanted a girly casual look, perfect for a summer day. Mission accomplished if I do say so myself.

This skirt is truly everything. I love the color, the cut, the lace. I love everything. Jewelry here is not really dramatic. Just a few white bracelets mixed with gold bangles. I even wore two gold rings that my mom gave me. This is a big deal because gold really isn't my thing, but I'm all for trying something new.

I added a turquoise camisole to add a little more color to the look. Again, with the white shirt, it just looks so good to me. Loving this color combo. Mix in some simple gold sandals (you've seen these before) and I'm done.

I can't say enough how much I love this whole look. I'm not sure if its the hair (which was still curled from my last outfit post) or the skirt or what. I just don't know but I'm obsessed with everything. I felt so good and I think I looked pretty good as well. I'm not fishing for compliments I swear.

Oh and what are you guys doing this weekend? I'm going to a football game scrimmage today. I'm excited to spend time with my family and also see my new baby cousin who is just so yummy. I talked a little about him here.

Until next time, have a great weekend!

What I'm wearing:
shirt from a local boutique
cami from Wal-Mart
Forever 21 skirt
Soda shoes from

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