Saturday, August 17, 2013

Celebrity Style Crush: Jessica Alba

Welcome to my blog and welcome to a new segment called Celebrity Style Crush. In these posts, I'm going to be sharing some of my celebrity style icons. A celebrity whose style and I love and whose closet I would want to raid. My first celebrity style crush is Jessica Alba. I chose her for a few reasons. One, I think she is absolutely beautiful. Two, I'm in love with her style. It just seems so effortless, but she always look so polished and put together. Her style is similar to mine. I would love to steal everything in her closet. Let's take a look at some her best street style moments in my opinion.

I'm in love with this look. I love how simple and basic the pieces are, but when paired together, they look anything but. I love the flower pattern on the blazer mixed with the blue pants. I love the black stripe because it's unexpected. She's wearing minimal jewelry, black heels, and her hair is in a messy ponytail. I think she looks effortlessly chic. 

I really like the coral and turquoise mixed together. I also like how she keep everything else in the outfit neutral. Added a scarf to this look makes it transitional to the colder months. Again, she looks polished and put together, but she doesn't look like she's trying too hard.

This happens to be my favorite Jessica Alba look. I'm in love with the patterned pants and her hair looks incredible. I love the way she pairs her separates and the leather blazer is to die for. I also like that she kept her shoes neutral and didn't over style it with bold accessories. The baby blue and black color combo is so pretty. Plus, I'm really digging the black and white bag.

This is a look that is very casual but still fashionable. This makes me want to go out and buy boyfriend jeans, pair it with a baggy sweater, flats and wrap a scarf around my neck asap. 

I was never really a fan of mixing girly pieces with really tough ones, but after seeing this look. I'm a believer. I love the mixing of the two and I think Jessica did it perfectly. 

There she goes again with printed pants and a leather jacket. I love the look and it totally works. What's most unique about this look though is the shoes. I love how she wore a shoe that was a bright color. It really brings out the blue in the pants. I totally want to copy this look.

There's really not much to say about this look other than the fact that I love it. I love the neutral color palette. I really think Jessica is the queen of pairing together basic pieces and making them look so good.

I want to own every piece of this outfit. From the blazer, the jeans, the strappy shoes, and even that floral bag. Jessica scores again for her ability to look so good without looking like she tried too hard.

Here's another winner. I'm obsessed with denim, so I love this denim jacket paired with this polka dot dress. This is such a perfect little outfit. I especially love the sky high wedges and the black and white purse. I think she looks so darling, tasteful, and cute here. 

I'm not sure if a white t-shirt ever looked so good. This basic top looks amazing paired with a printed blazer, jeans, and minimalist white shoes. There is nothing bad to say about this entire look. This is a woman who knows how to dress and how to do it well.

I'm such a fan of the way Jessica Alba dresses. It's never over done or over styled. Just simple pieces put together to make an amazing look. To me, she always looks beautiful and her style  is totally up my alley. That's why Jessica Alba is my celebrity style crush.

Which celebrity is your style crush and why? I would love to know!
Thanks for reading and until next time...

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