Wednesday, August 14, 2013

crocheted purple leopard

Happy hump day! Today's outfit post is one that I'm not 100% in love with, but what the hey we'll talk about it anyway. I didn't make that rhyme intentionally, or maybe I did.

So why am I not completely in love with this look. Well, I'm not exactly sure. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it. Do you see my hair (more on that later)? It's kind of everything. But there's something holding me back from loving this look. I like it, that's why I'm sharing it. That and the fact that I want to be real. I don't feel completely confident in myself everyday. I'm human after all. What, you didn't know?

I will say that I love this top. I can see it working with so many other pieces in my closet. It may make another appearance here again. Don't be surprised if it does. And these pants are amazing. Love this color combo. Add my favorite leopard flats and I'm good to go. 

Can we talk about this hair? It's kind of having a moment. Anyone who know me knows I hate wearing my hair down. Well, hate is kind of a strong word, but it needed to be used. Wearing my hair down is a whole ordeal for me. I would much rather put it up in a high bun which happens to be my fave way to wear it. I'm saying all of this to say I'm not sure why I decided to full on curl my hair (not sure why I did on my last OOTD post either) but I did. And can I say that curling my hair like this takes more than an hour. I'm not even kidding. So why did I choose to do this? I may never know. But I did and I love it. It took awhile, but the results are worth it. Even though I may not ever curl my hair again.

Jewelry here is pretty simple. Just a few black bracelets plus a carved rose quartz ring and that's a wrap.

What I'm wearing:
A Wal-Mart top
Jeans from Target
Payless shoes

Thanks for reading! Have a great day...

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