Monday, May 18, 2015

DIY Splatter Nails

It's #manimonday. I love doing my nails so on Monday (not every one) you can expect a post that's nail related. This time I'm showing you how I did this splatter, speckled, marbled (???) manicure. I saw a variation of this on Pinterest and I decided to make it my own. That's what I love about doing manicures at home, you can make them unique by choosing different colors.

What you'll need:
At least 2 different nail polish colors. *I used 4 (one as a base color and 3 for the splatter effect)
2 straws *I cut 2 straws in half because I worked with 4 colors
Top coat and base coat *Optional (I didn't use either for this look)
Cotton swabs *To clean up because it can get messy
Paper towel *To rest your hand on so nail polish doesn't get everywhere
Nail polish remover *Again to clean up

Step 1
Apply base coat (optional)

Step 2
Apply 2 coats of whatever color polish you've chosen as your base (I chose Essie Playdate)

Step 3
After both coats of your base color is dry, it's time to splatter. Lay your hand on a paper towel to prevent polish from getting every (a flat surface is ideal). Next, using a straw, dip one end into the color of your choice. Using the other end lightly blow into the straw to splatter the nail polish onto the nail. Repeat on all fingers.
You can just use 1 color to splatter but I used 4. The process is the same. Just dip one end of the straw into the polish and blow into the other end. This creates the splatter effect. You can use as many colors as you want, but make sure to use a different straw for each.

Step 4
Clean up any polish that may have gotten on your cuticle with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.

Step 5
Apply top coat to seal in the design and allow to dry.

Step 6
Enjoy your work!

I think this looks really cool and I love that each nail is different. I can't wait to try this with different colors. Hope you enjoy!

*There may be other tutorials like this elsewhere. I am aware that I didn't "invent" this technique. I just thought it looked easy and I wanted to try it out for myself. 

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