Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This outfit is getting a little overshadowed by all the beautiful fall leaves. I love when all the leaves fall on the ground.

But let's talk about the outfit. This look is really simple and I actually wore it to a dentists appointment. I didn't want to be overdressed, but I still wanted to be put together. This look pretty much did the trick for me. I know you've been seeing a lot of these pants lately, but I'm obsessed with wearing them. They seem to just go with everything and they add a little interest to an otherwise boring outfit.

What I'm Wearing:
Target beanie
Wal-Mart sweater
Target pants
Vans sneakers


  1. Those are a lot of leaves! But nice outfit :D

    x Angela

  2. Love all the leaves. Such a fun post.
    xx, Jodi

  3. love this cozy look!
    and I'm a big sucker for vans! they're great


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