Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bright Blue and Flowy Floral OOTD + Update

So, I wanted to combine this bonus OOTD with a little update. You know, killing two birds with one stone. I wanted to talk about the new schedule I put myself on. I love to blog and I love to blog often, but I don't want to overdo it. So, I've decided that you can for sure expect a blog post from me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But, there will also be a bonus post some other time during the week just because I love surprises. I think this new schedule will work out amazingly. It gives me time to plan out all my posts. So there's the little update. Now let's get on to the good part.

Today's OOTD is all about comfy casual. No surprise here since that's what I'm all about. I wanted something that was casual enough to run errands in, but still cute enough so I didn't look like I just threw something on. Nothing fancy, just pulled together. When I'm wearing colored jeans, I almost never wear a patterned top. Especially one with a busy print like the one I'm rocking today. But for some reason, I stepped out of my comfort zone and I think it worked (at least it did for me). Fashion has no rules anyway.

Let's talk about this jewelry situation I have going on here. Keeping it simple again even though that's really not me. (You can read my last post to understand what I mean) I just didn't want to overdo it. This being a casual look and all. I'm still getting used to the minimal jewelry look. One step at a time, right? But I did decide to wear a turquoise ring that I adore.

My shoes are gold sandals. Again, wanted to keep things simple and casual here. No frills necessary. Just jeans, sandals, and my hair in its favorite ponytail (yes, my hair has a favorite ponytail). 

I know I say this just about every post, but I really hope you all are enjoying my blog just as much as I am. I'm really having fun with it and it's a dream come true. I love it and I love you for reading. Come back tomorrow because I'll be back with a fun, new post. You don't want to miss it. Until then.

What I'm wearing:
Forever 21 shirt
Blue pants from a local boutique
Soda shoes from
The polish on my toes that I've pretty much been living in is Loreal Spice Things Up

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