Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Cold Weather Warbrobe Essentials

When dressing for cold weather, there are a few things that are essentials in my wardrobe. Without these things, dressing would be difficult. I put together a few of my cold weather essentials and things that have been on repeat in my wardrobe lately.

1. Boots I've been living in these boots lately. They go with just about everything I pair them with and they work so perfectly. I love the length of them and how they just work. 

2. Hats For winter, you just have to have some kind of hat. It not only keeps your head warm, it looks pretty stylish too. I've been wearing hats like crazy lately. P.S. They also save me from bad hair days which I've been having a lot of recently.

3. Leg Warmers Yeah, leg warmers have been my life lately. I layer them under boots with just about every outfit. Not only are they functional, they look good too.

4. Black Pants I'm a firm believer that having black pants in your wardrobe is an essential, but they work so well in winter. I wear them with pretty much everything and they are my go to pants when getting dressed. 

5. Sweaters I really don't have to say much about sweaters. They seriously are a must have during this time of year. 

6. Gloves Wearing gloves is essential in frigid weather. I have a black pair and a pink pair that I have been loving lately. They add a pop of color to outfits and they keep my hands warm, win win situation.

Those are just a few of the things that have been on repeat for me in the colder months. Hope you enjoyed this roundup. Tell me below what are some of your cold weather essentials when it comes to dressing.

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