Monday, January 13, 2014


I first saw this quote on Pinterest and I fell in love with it. Sometimes we (myself included) get so wrapped up in other people and having friends that we forget how important it is to enjoy our own company. In order to have meaningful relationships, we have to love ourselves and enjoy being with ourselves. I'm learning this because let's be honest, we all get lonely sometimes. I'm slowly learning that it's okay to be alone without feeling like there is something wrong with me. 

It's also important to balance time spent with others and time spent with ourselves. For me having that balance is key because if the scale tips too much one way, something is wrong. I like being around other people and enjoying their company, but I crave spending quality time with myself. It really is essential for me. And these past few weeks have taught me that it's okay to need time with myself without feeling lonely or needing to be with other people.

What are some ways that you find the balance in your life? How do you enjoy your own company?

Thanks to my sister for making this graphic for me!


  1. Oh my gosh girl! Yes! For as much as I love being social and with company! I always look forward to some downtime with myself. Sometimes I just want to hear nothing but my thoughts and go at my own pace! It's healthy! :) Lovely post!
    Kat |

    1. I agree 100%! It's good to be by yourself every once in awhile. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


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