Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pastel Summer

Happy hump day! Today I'm bringing you a throwback post. This look screams summer, but I love it too much not to share. I think this is such a perfect look for summer. The colors make me think of sorbet and who doesn't love sorbet on a hot summer day. Totally didn't mean for that to rhyme but I'll take it. Anyway, I love all the colors and they really lifted my mood. Pretty colors just do that to me. 

What I'm wearing:
Wal-Mart shirt
skirt from a local boutique
Payless shoes

Thank you for reading...

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  1. That blouse color looks lovely on you! Pretty colors really do brighten moods.


    1. Thank you and thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment!


Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for your comment. I read each and every one and they truly make my day!

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