Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Trends: Love 'em or Leave 'em?


I'm not a big trend follower. I never have been. Sometimes trends spotted on the runway are so hard to translate into real life. I see some things on the runway that I would never wear because it simply doesn't function for me. That being said, having style is all about how you interpret trends and what's on the runway. Making it work for you and your life. There are some major fall trends going on right now. Some are good and others for me are bad. Today I'm going to share a few of them with you and tell you if I love 'em or if they should just stay on the runway.

1. Turtleneck
Call me crazy (or not) but I love me a good turtleneck. They make for great layering pieces and I'm so glad they're making a comeback. There are so many different ways to style them, which make them a perfect transition piece. So what's the verdict on turtlenecks? Love 'em.

2. Thigh high
I think thigh high boots look great on other people and they look so good in the photo above. This woman looks so chic and put together and those boots are fierce. But for me and my lifestyle, thigh high boots are not really an option. They're something I just don't see myself wearing. The verdict: Leave 'em.

3. White after Labor Day
White is one of my favorite colors. So when I saw that white was a big trend for fall, I was all about it. There's something about it that's so clean, modern, and chic. It's pretty much perfect in my book. Again, this trend is versatile and I think anyone can make it work in real life. The verdict on this white after Labor Day trend: Love 'em.

4. Mad about Plaid
I'm not really a fan of plaid. I know that there are ways of making this pattern look really chic and pretty (like the photo above), but it still doesn't sit well with me. I'm just not crazy about the print. I've seen people wear it and it looks amazing on them, but this trend has got to go. Verdict: Leave 'em.

5. Make a Statement
It's pretty much a given that just about any trend that deals with jewelry I'm all about. A statement necklace is an instant way to glam up any look. You throw on a basic tee, blazer, and jeans with an amazing statement necklace and you're set. And can we talk about the necklace pictured above? All kinds of amazing. Statement necklaces: love 'em.

6. Velvet Crush
Velvet, velvet, velvet. I really want to love you. The blazer pictured above really makes me want to love you. You look so good in blazer form and that color? Forget about it. So pretty and so chic, but so not JaToya. As pretty as velvet can be, for me, I'll probably never wear it. So, sorry velvet. You're one trend that I'm just going to have to leave. 

7. Classic Print
Black, check. White, check. Print, check. Really what's not to love about houndstooth. It has three of my favorite things all rolled up in one. I also really love it in sweater form (pictured above), but there are so many ways to incorporate this print into your wardrobe. Houndstooth definitely gets an okay from me.

8. Back to School
Let me start of by saying that I am completely obsessed with this look pictured above. I love the femininity of the skirt paired with the sportiness of the varsity jacket. I love the whole thing. I've never really been a big fan of varsity jackets, but this look is making me think twice. As much as I love it though, I don't see myself wearing a look like this in my day to day life. So as much as it pains me to say this, I think I'm going to have to pass on wearing this trend.

9. Cap It Off
Love cap toe shoes. Absolutely love them. They're easy to style, easy to wear, and look good with just about anything. Cap toe shoes: love 'em.

10. Stripe It Up
I don't use the word hate often. I actually hate using the word hate, but I hate striped pants. I know it's harsh, but on me, they just don't look flattering at all. I'm definitely going to leave striped pants where they're at. 

11. Block Party
Color bloking is an instant way to add interest to an outfit. I love this black and white crossbody (again two of my favorite colors). It's an easy way to wear the trend, without being too over the top. Especially if you're not a fan of color blocking really bold colors. This bag is so simple but chic at the same time. Color blocking? Love it, duh!

Those are just a few of the fall trends that caught my eye. Of course there are more, but I think these will do for now. Now I want to know, what are some fall trends that you love and what are some that you want to leave? 
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  1. I love the trends you picked here since they truly seem wearable for "everyday" people. I also am with you when it comes to certain trends seeming so out of touch with "real life" but these seem awesome!

  2. I love them all especially the white on white look! I need to purchase knee-high boots and more turtle necks.


    1. Me too. I love white on white. Thanks for reading! xo

  3. OBSESSED with captoes! And as you can see by our blog we love all white all the time! Hahah! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

    1. All white is everything! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. xo


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